Robin Williams

  When I found out about Robin Williams' death, it immediately took me back to his movies and humor.  I was like alot of kids that watched "Mork and Mindy" when it came on tv.  I don't really remember it as much as I do his other movies.  I know as a teen I watched "Dead Poets Society."  That movie, while controversial, made me think about being a passionate teacher and enjoying being a teacher.
  "Dead Poets Society" was a movie I saw as a junior or senior in high school.  I look back and now can't remember all of the movie, so I am speaking mainly on the inspiration that I do remember from watching the movie.  Robin Williams' character was a teacher who went against the appropriate ways of teaching in the school that was in this movie.  I don't think his intentions were to encourage disobedience or being a rebel.  I think he was trying to inspire and show passion for teaching and for his students.  As a young teacher, I wanted to have my students stand on their desks and say "Captain!" I wanted to encourage them to have passion.  I wanted to have that passion myself.  As I type this, I have tears in my eyes in thinking about the years that I got to teach at Oconee Christian Academy.  Now don't get me wrong  I LOVE being a mom and taking care of our family.  But I have to say that a little part of me, when I think about teaching, misses that realm.  However, I also know that I have a passion for my family and have learned to tune in to that!
  Another thing that I remember from this movie that I won't ever forget is the "Barbaric yawp."  When we graduated from high school, several of us gathered around, threw up our caps, and let out a "Yawp!"  I remember doing that with so much joy.  I remember looking around at my classmates - ones that I had grown up with - letting out our "YAWP!"  What a fun memory!!
  The death of such a famous man has come and gone.  I think about the fact that he was so very funny but dealt with deep, personal depression.  Depression is a hard thing to deal with.  I am sad for this loss for so many, but I am mostly sad for his family.  He will be truly missed but remembered for making so many laugh. Prayers for his family and friends as they mourn his passing.


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