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Thoughts On Decluttering!

  I feel like I am always in a state of decluttering - part of my problem is that I don't ever want to let go -- YES!  Now, right now, I am suppressing the urge to burst into song!  I really want to sing full throttle, "Let It Go!"  But I won't :0)  Instead I will leave you with a link that I just read on Sandi Patty's website.  It is really worth the read!  Things I’m Learning From Decluttering | Sandi Patty

  It made me think about my life and my choices.  We all have things we wish we could have done or said differently.  My husband reminds me that it is so important to think through things before you say them.  I have learned over these past 20 years to not let everything that people say hurt my feelings.  That is a very powerful feeling!  It took me a long time to stop being super-sensitive when people said things without thinking.  It makes me remember that same hurtful feeling I have experienced can be felt by someone else by my words or my actions.  



  Yes!  I am on a mission -- I am having our Thanksgiving dinner for our family of 7, and my mom and dad will be at our house this year.  This is the first time that it will be at my house and my parents  are coming.  We usually go up to their house, but my mom has business in Atlanta, so they are going to be here with us!  I made our first Thanksgiving dinner last year - I will add pictures.  I remember the menu, so I will get Sarah to write it out for me -- writing assignment!  We homeschool, so I like to "Kill two birds with one stone!"
  Since this year is flying by and I seem to be forgetting to do things, I wanted to get my "Thankful List" done so that I don't forget!  What in my life do I have for which to be thankful?  Well, more than what is on this list, but here is one for each day of November!!  
Jesus' salvation gift!!!God's unending love and mercy!!The Holy Spirit's comfort and conviction!!My sweet husband, Benson!My five children!The Bi…