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August Update

Wow!  Another month has come and is almost gone!  In our home the month of August is like one big party month!  We start with Savannah's - our oldest who has turned the big 1-3.  Yes, we are officially parents of a teenager :0)  Sarah's is at the end of the month and is 8.  I love our birthday celebrations.  They are full of family, friends, and fun.

This month is also a start for many of school.  I now have all five in school.  Two in Christian school, one in public school and two homeschooling.  So far it is going okay.  I don't really enjoy the early hours, but I think we have gotten better about is called GOING TO BED at a decent hour.  Sadly, I have given up watching Jimmy Fallon through the week.  I can stay up on Friday nights to catch his "Thank you notes" segment.  Other than that is early to bed early to rise - which I posted this one time before - it causes a struggle within me.  So far my morning girl is beating out my nightowl girl  LOL!

I di…