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Well, I cannot have any excuses for not writing other than I have been ULTRA busy. We have had a trip to Florida and North Carolina.  We have celebrated our 18th anniversary!!, Father's Day, and birthdays.  I have taken our Sully to several doctor and therapy visits.  The kiddos have all seen the dentist.  Friends and family have been in and out to visit.  Our garden, thanks in a big part to Mr. Benson, takes up some time, too.  General housekeeping, feeding kiddos, and animals (while Savannah is gone), takes up so much of our time.  VBS at our church, fellowship time and regular services are a big part of our lives.  And important news...I have gotten to scrapbook some!!!
  I really enjoy getting on here and putting my goings and doings.  I also like to share what the Lord is teaching me.  Just today, I have thought about our world and where it is going.  I have been thinking of late how the news is filled with so much negativity.  Whether you are a democrat, republican, libertar…