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  You ever have one of those days that you are just tired - I mean, pardon my expression, but STINKIN' TIRED!  And then you take it out on the ones that you love? Well, I did that this morning.  I was tired and yelled at my precious kiddos.  I know that I am not, nor will I ever be, the only one who has ever done that.  But it makes me feel really badly about myself -- like, good grief!
  If you have ever had that experience, and if you haven't you will - take heart.  I just texted a friend about what I did.  Man is confession good for the soul but makes you cry :0)  Anyway, she said the sweetest thing -- there is grace and you can always start over!  AMEN and praise the Lord.
  I think that my problem is that I let my negative thoughts toward myself get the better of me.  I allow that area of my brain take over and don't think loving thoughts toward myself.  Let me be brutally honest - I have a pity party for one!  There, I said it!  It is true.  I feel sorry for myself.