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Living Through Valleys

  Wow!  I have been away from here too long.  I have been like everyone else -- BUSY!  It is good though.  Since posting we have had several doctors appointments with Sully, homeschool things, and the dreaded three letter word that everyone dreads hearing  F L U!  Yes, our family had it.
  That is the valley that I am referring to in this post.  I want to walk you through what it is like to be in a family with 5 children and have the flu.  First of all, I have to let you remember that Sully has disabilities, so if he gets sick, it can be really bad.
  So it all began on February 22.  Seth, our 4 year old that is usually WIDE open, lies around with a high fever.  He feels terrible.  I begin medicines with him.  The next casualty - and if you are a momma, you know this is not good at all -- ME!  I think to myself when I get sick --- NOOOOOOOOOOO!  I go to the doctor to see what I have. She looks at me and says, "The flu test is positive.  You are not in the window to take the medicin…