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Happy Mother's Day!

  Mother's Day is a special holiday that dates back to, of course, the Greeks and Romans!  It seems like there are always one of these two people groups involved in holiday histories!  Anyway, I read a little bit on this on theHistory Channel website, and I find the story pretty interesting!
  Turns out the lady who wanted to have Mother's Day recognized as a holiday in America fought for part of her life to have it renounced as a holiday.  Quick story -- she had started a group where the ladies got together to learn to properly care for their children.  It was seen as a way of peace-making seeing that the time period was near the time before, during and after the Civil War.  The ladies hoped their coming together from both the Union and the Confederate states would promote that sense of peace and reconciliation!  Well, as usual, the card, flower, and candy industries wanted their "cut."  So, the commercialization of the holiday began.  This is what caused the founder…