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Children and Jesus' Love

  I have 5 children - we love them and are so thankful for them.  That said, they can drive me BANANAS!!  LOL!  Did I say that out loud?  I am currently in this age group with these precious kiddos -- Savannah 12 1/2, Siler 10, Sarah 7 1/2, Sully 5, and Seth 3. Now that is a spread.
  On a typical day Siler and Sully are up around 6:45 am to go to school.  Sully attends a local public school for special needs.  Siler is attending my in-laws church school. Currently, they have 4 boys.  Siler really has begun to make some wonderful progress!!  The girls get up around 8.  Seth gets up whenever.  We get our breakfast and then school and math tutoring begins.  In addition to teaching the girls, I take care of all of Seth's needs.  If you have ever homeschooled while having a toddler, well, I liken it to herding cats -- that is going to be a post all by itself!  Anyway, the girls are trying to do school with Seth at the table.  Sully gets home from school at 11.  I walk him up from his b…
This is an old post that I started some time ago, but I believe LIFE interrupted me, and therefore, I was unable to finish.  Seth is asleep!  I shout a quiet "Yahoo!" to myself :0) So, I am now finishing this since I have the opportunity!!! 

  I was in Powdersville today with Sully for his therapy.  It was a trip like any other.  I stepped in to talk to his wonderful group of therapists - he has been with these therapists since he was 6 months old!  And they are AWESOME!!!!!
  In any case I mentioned that I had been working with getting some of our clothes out of storage for the cooler weather.  I get stopped up when I am around dust and mold - I think I talk more about my allergies and stress with children in this blog than anything else  :0)  Anyway, I mentioned to them that I have what I like to call the "Nasal Voice" from my allergies.  I laughed and said that I wish I had what I call the "Sexy, Raspy Voice!"  That is what I get when I have a throat iss…
Greetings on this rather cloudy Thursday afternoon.  I was looking on Pinterest - one of my favorite sites! - and came across this neat idea.  I am going to do this Monday! We are all off from school on Monday, so I will have a few extra minutes.  I am going to clean out the fridge really well.  I like using pine sol and warm water.  It makes a really hard job not quite as hard.

The question I have is will my place mats stay in place?  I am going to buy my mats from the Dollar Tree, so if this doesn't work, I won't be out a bunch of money!  

I will post a before and after picture so that you can see my results.  Here is the place where I got the idea and a picture ~~  I just LOVE her comment about her dirty shelf!  I am not going to post a picture of my messy fridge, though!  I just can't do it :0)

Fridge Mats from $2 Placemats - 2 Little Supeheroes2 Little Supeheroes

Here is a happy song that I love!  I hope that it lifts you up as you finish out your day!

Jamie Grace - Beauti…

This is a quick update on our scrapbooking!

Sarah has studied the days of Creation this first semester.  I came across this idea, so we are going to do a book incorporating this idea.  When we start on it this week, I will take pictures along the way and post!  

Here is the link in case you are interested in doing this with your student :0)
I hope you have a wonderful day!  I will leave you with a quick song -- The Creation Song - Kids Learn the Days of Creation In This Short Song - The Sciencesaurs - YouTube
Blessings and {{hugs}}, Chandra

A Homeschooling Thought! - scrapbooking with a twist!

Just want to write something down that I am going to try!  I homeschool two of our 5 - well, I guess we all really teach our children, just some in a little different way!  I was a teacher for 7 years at Oconee Christian Academy.  Wonderful experience!

Anyway, we use a curriculum that has the book built into the workbook.  I really like it. The information is broken down into bite-size parts, followed by a check-up.  We have been using this for 7 years.  I have just gotten to thinking about my girls.  Both have a HUGE artistic bent, so I want to capitalize on it.  I think what I am going to start is scrapbooking as a means of reviewing their PACES.

What my plan is, and I am putting this out here as a means to 1) Help my brain remember my thought and 2) that if by chance a homeschooler/teacher reads this, it may be of help to them, too!  Back to the plan!  

Get them to write out the information on a plain piece of paperDraw or cut out a picture to what the information refersGlue into a no…