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Chapter 14: Irresponsible Behavior

  Fall is here!  It is my most favorite of all the seasons!  I love Christmas as my favorite holiday, but I just love all the fall-ish things about this season.  But I have to say that I think the pumpkin spice usage has exploded big time!  Lol!  I am looking forward to some times of outside fires and hayrides - leaves changing color and cooler temperatures.  Yes!  I love fall!
  And if you have been reading along with me, you know that I am in a Bible study called Triggers by Amber Lia and Wendy Speake.  I have just been majorly blessed by their book.  Well, the chapter I am in resonates with me because I have to deal with a family of 7 that lives on a farm.  That being said, that means extra dirt and extra messes.  I am fine with it, though.  I LOVE living on a farm.  And our farm isn't huge, so I don't have huge messes.  And my loving husband has helped our kids learn to rinse off their shoes before coming inside.  That being said - it still gets messy incredibly fast.  I th…