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Experiencing Mercy and Love

Today was an unusual day.  Benson had the day off, so I took Siler down for school. Since both our little guys were feeling a little yucky - due to the lovely, early fall flowers blooming - and we were not going to therapy, I decided to do a little grocery shopping. Okay, big grocery shopping since we have a big family :0)
  Benson had gotten paid and given me some money to deposit.  I mentioned to him that I would use some for groceries.  He said that was fine and deposit the rest.  So here I had some money.  I should have put it in my wallet, but I put it in my pocket.  I know most of you are saying to yourself, "Oh no!"  for you already have guessed what I am about to share with you.  Yes, I did buy our large amount of groceries.  I felt good being able to walk around the store and getting our needs and some of our wants.  I went up to the front and paid for our groceries.
  This is where my story gets really sad.  I unloaded my groceries in the car.  When I went to get the…

Robin Williams

When I found out about Robin Williams' death, it immediately took me back to his movies and humor.  I was like alot of kids that watched "Mork and Mindy" when it came on tv.  I don't really remember it as much as I do his other movies.  I know as a teen I watched "Dead Poets Society."  That movie, while controversial, made me think about being a passionate teacher and enjoying being a teacher.
  "Dead Poets Society" was a movie I saw as a junior or senior in high school.  I look back and now can't remember all of the movie, so I am speaking mainly on the inspiration that I do remember from watching the movie.  Robin Williams' character was a teacher who went against the appropriate ways of teaching in the school that was in this movie.  I don't think his intentions were to encourage disobedience or being a rebel.  I think he was trying to inspire and show passion for teaching and for his students.  As a young teacher, I wanted to hav…

Making Pancakes With a Twist :0)

I am making pancakes for lunch today.  I am trying this recipe, Good Old Fashioned Pancakes Recipe -  I will post on here later how they turned out.  I don't have my camera or a smart phone, so I can't put pictures on here.  Oh well - I guess you can look on the site address above and think that is what mine look like :) LOL!

Well, I am going to have to try that pancake recipe another time because I didn't have flour.  I only had cornmeal.  I tried a recipe on the back but had to tweak it because we had just run out of milk.  So this is what I ended up making --
2 cups of cornmeal mix 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt 1 tbsp. oil 1 tbsp. vinegar 1 cup peach yogurt 2 cups of water
Now, mind you, I know this is not your typical pancake mix, but it worked given that I lacked 2 very important ingredients.  The children had mixed reviews - 2 like them and 2 didn't.  I licked them fine, and I actually think the batter would also work well for making corndogs somehow.  In…

My Stinkin', Rotten Attitude

You ever have one of those days where you begin with a really rotten attitude?  Well, Friday was one for me.  Let me begin by briefly sharing that our transmission in our main vehicle is not 100%.  I can get around enough to get to grocery stores, drug stores, my in-laws to borrow their wonderful car that has the BEST ac, and of course church.  In any case today, I kind of - don't ask me how - but I forgot that my car will only go 40 and takes extra time to get down the mountain.  I also forgot that I was having to unload two babies, a purse, a therapy bag for Sully, and my larger-than-life diaper bag!  And, mind you, I had been functioning this way for almost 6 weeks, so it wasn't like an all of a sudden thing!  In any case this is how my morning was starting.  Plus, it was raining.
  Now before you start thinking, "Wow!  This is one negative, very Eeyore-like person," I am not. It just so happens that I am the complete opposite.  I am probably one of those cup isn…