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Sarah's Completed Project :0)

I had posted earlier that we were going to do a project on the days of Creation.  I had posted an idea that I saw on Pinterest. I showed the idea to Sarah, and we came up with a book.  We did our activity a little differently than the one I had seen.  She and I talked about the days. I wrote down what she said, and she copied it.  She drew the numbers above the sentences.  We looked together through magazines for pictures that would go with what was created on that day.  Sarah then took her pictures and made kind of like a collage on the number.

It was fun and not too hard - except for the extra help from our 3 year-old!  LOL!  I would love to do something like that again.  It was a good first experience with notebooking.  I think I will even try this with my older daughter with some of her studies!

As usual I try to find a little song to go along with the post.  This is a cute little song that I came across that would be fun to learn if you are studying the days of Creation. 


Our Memorable 2015 Valentine's Day

  A typical Valentine's for most is to go out for dinner, a movie and have some flowers and candy.  Ours had the dinner and candy, but after that we went to our friends' house and practiced for a singing that we would have at our church.  It was late when we got home.  As we went up our hill, we came upon a bunch of emergency vehicles, fire and smoke.
  The first thing I thought was, "Oh Lord!  Our home is on fire!  Bear is in the bathroom!  Our things are gone!"  When we got over the hill, we were so glad to see that we were not losing our home.  Due to the high winds that had been blowing that day, a power line had come down and caused a brush fire.  That fire burned 6 acres! 
  We safely got into the house and began to find candles and flashlights.  We had to settle everyone in as best as we could - remember we have 5 children and that night had a friend spending the night :0).  We were too excited to get to sleep.  We took pictures and video of the firefighters and…

Love Love Love!

  Well, another Valentine's Day is approaching.  Some people see it as a conspiracy of the candy, card, flower industries.  I never have looked into what the history is behind this special day.  All I know is that from the moment I realized that I got candy and cards, I LOVED that day.
  I just read a little on the subject.  The pagan side of it is just gross - I definitely don't like the information there!  The saint side of it is interesting.  There were two thoughts on this - one that the person was trying to free Christians.  This story also mentioned that the Saint Valentine may have fallen in love with one of the people he rescued.  The second story was one where the Saint helped people get married even though Emperor Claudius II said that young men were not to marry - made it a law!  Very interesting!
  I didn't know about the ideas behind Valentine's Day.  My thoughts on it are ones of love toward my family and friends.  I can see how some who are in the Catholic…