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Busy busy busy!

  So April is gone -- 3 dr. appointments, 5 therapy sessions, homeschooling, Sully in school, etc.  In any case it is now May.  The month of May -- a.ka. something to do almost every single day -- is upon us.  I think that this month is as busy as Christmas!  In our family we have Mother's Day, Girl Scout camping trip and awards day, graduations, homeschool end-of-the-year party, and church activities.  I almost don't want to open to the book in my calendar.  Not to mention I also have one Sully dr. appointment and 4 therapy sessions, along with getting the rest of our schooling in and our check-off.
  Now I know that sounds like I may be complaining, but I am not trying to do that at all.  I am just kind of amused and slightly overwhelmed at what is ahead.  It is like this every year except some years we have kindergarten graduation and out-of-state graduation to attend.  It is such a blessing to be a part of so many activities and other people's lives.  We all stay busy, …