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  Well, it has been a bit since I have posted, so here I am!  Today is the first day - official - FALL!  I know it means that cooler weather will be here - THANK GOODNESS!!!  It means color will replace the green.  Smoke scents will fill the air - pumpkins, cinnamon, those unusual gourds!  Falling leaves and raking them into piles only to spread them back out because little ones, and big ones, jump and play.

  Fall also makes me think of times of being in school.  I was one of those children that LOVED school.  I guess that is part of why I became a teacher.  Now that I am home taking care of and teaching my children, fall involves different things other than school.  In our home we enjoy fires - in our woodburning stove or a fire pit outside.  It is fun to get together with family and friends to enjoy that time around the fire.

  It seems like to me that we get so busy and stay running full force.  Then all of a sudden, a fire gets built, you roast weenies and marshmallows, then sit ba…