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Good Morning!

Well, I am up and have read my Bible and am on my second cup of coffee :0)  I do believe this is going to be a good, yet hard day - good because I have an early start. Hard because I am TIRED!  I went to bed a little earlier than normal but playing catch up for all those days that I went to bed later.  Prayers will be said throughout this day, "Lord Jesus, give me strength!!"
  I have always had a struggle with devotion time - you relate?  I have had a recent conviction to read my Bible first before reading anything.  That has proven to be a challenge because I have started reading this series by Liz Curtis Higgs!  I mean this is the type book that you can hardly put down.  You have to know what is going to happen in this family and these individuals.  The realization of the need for forgiveness in this first book has moved me to tears!
  Anyway - that is not the purpose of this entry - but before I move on, the series is the following --
 Thorn in My HeartHistorical Novel • B…
 Today has started off pretty well.  Seth, my 3 year-old, has had a good morning.  Instead of his getting into things, he walks up to me now and holds the item behind his back and says, "I have present for you!"  He gives me the item and then runs away laughing!  It is heading into the lunch hour, so I am going to get off an fix lunch.  I actually know what we are going to have, and it is simple to fix!
  Lunch today will be chicken alfredo over bowtie pasta.  I love an easy lunch, especially when we have had a busy day before.  Yesterday was our trek to Greenville for a visit to Sully's nephrologist (kidney doctor).
  Sullivan is our fourth born and has cerebral palsy and leukodystrophy. He cannot walk on his own, stand on his own, talk or eat solid foods - for now.  Anyway, with his condition he has many doctors - neurologist, ophthalmologist, orthopedic, gastroenterologist, nephrologist, geneticist, cardiologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therap…
  I say it is my birthday!  Happy birthday to me :0)  I am 41 today - I remember when my mom turned 41.  As I am typing this, I am listening to the song, "Birthday," by the Beatles - which I didn't know they wrote and sang.  I learned something new on my birthday!  It is a fun rock 'n roll song.  I think it should be on a runner's/walker's list for sure.  What a great beat!  Happy Birthday Funny Dancing Cartoons - YouTube
  Yesterday, Seth, our littlest kiddo, turned 3.  So here we have me at 41 and Seth at 3.  We are both in a challenging time in our lives.  I am experiencing "Mommy Meltdowns" while he is having his "Toddler Meltdowns."  "What fun this must be for the rest of the family!" I can hear some of you say.  Well, it isn't.  I find myself apologizing and crying while I gather my wits back together again.  I was wondering about these and how I could work through them, helping both Seth and me.
  Why do we, and many oth…