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Chapter 9: Lying and Deceit

  It is the last day of June which means summer is on its way to halfway over!  I cannot believe it!  We are taking a break from traditional schooling and having more down time.  I personally like having some time of not doing "school."  We traditionally follow the public school schedule since our Sully (disabled son) is in public school.  We also have some family that follows that schedule, so it helps us.
  Anyway, last month I wrote about the chapter on Ignoring Instructions.  This month is about lying and deceit.  All of us have lied and dealt with our children lying.  I really appreciate the angle they approach with dealing with lying and deceit in this chapter.  
  They open up this chapter where she asks her son if he threw trash out the bathroom window.  He says no.  She says she takes him to his room for what they call a "Mercy Seat Talk."  Background on this child is he is inquisitive and wants to be a scientist when he grows up.  She knows this has to do s…