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Praises and Prayer

I just posted about how I appreciate the prayers from my friends.  I am huge believer that prayer changes things.  I believe that the Lord gives us His Word and prayer for communication with Him.  Sometimes we pray, and He is silent.  Other times it is like in your face what He wants you to do.  Then there are those "wait a little bit" times that can be more than frustrating.  I have been experiencing many neat things in my Christian walk when it comes to prayer.  This week I experienced a quick answer.
    This week held appointments for us.  Two children had dentist appointments, Sully an MRI, and then of course Friday, is our typical therapy day.  Whenever we had Sully get an MRI, he was intubated.  That is when you have a tube put into your windpipe to help you in the case you stopped breathing or had breathing problems.  We had always thought that was unnecessary, but we would let them anyway.  The experience always meant a night or two at the hospital while the swel…


Today is a sad day for our family.  We lost one of our sweet dogs, Shadow.  He was hit sometime over the last couple of days.  We found him, and his injuries were fatal.  I loved that dog.

I have spent more time outside this summer, so I have spent more time with our two dogs, Scooby and Shadow.  My favorite memories of him will be how he chased sticks and ropes.  He enjoyed chasing sticks, but I couldn't often get him to give them back to me.  It was also fun to watch him chase our rope swing.  He would grab hold of it and every now and then swing in the air.  Oddly enough, the only thing to get him to let go was a stick.

Shadow was two this past February.  He was sweet, and he will be missed.  We were thankful for our time with him.


So, on Sunday nights, we like - or I like - to have easy suppers.  You know, leftovers from lunch, cereal, soups, and sandwiches.  Tonight is a sandwich night.  Benson has had a great garden this season, so he brought in some green beans to go with our tomato sandwiches.  Savannah is not a fan of tomato sandwiches or tomatoes.  I say to her, "How about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?"  She opens the cabinet, turns the peanut butter jars around, and replies, "You don't have crunchy.  I only like crunchy or Nutella!  I LOVE Nutella!"  This is the part where I get tickled!  She then says, "Why don't you Nutella me why we don't have crunchy peanut butter!" You gotta love it when your kids say funny things!  That made me laugh!!

Humorous times help us get through some really hard times!  I am thankful for my funny family!!

Blessings and {{hugs}}


Biltmore Estates!

Back in 2001, Benson and I celebrated our third anniversary with a trip to the Biltmore House.  I was beyond excited.  I had waited years to get to see this magnificent place.
Well, this is another day in the Kerr house.  I haven't mentioned anything about who makes up our household, so today I thought I would.  I am going to be brief - those who know me are probably laughing as I am sometimes a Chatty Cathy :0)

Anyway, I am 40 1/2 years old - I am and always have been big on that 1/2 year.  I am a Christian.  I got saved as a young child, but I was 12 when I made a serious commitment to the Lord.  Ever since then, I have been making strides in learning about the Lord, His character, and His plan for me.  I felt the call on my life at the age of 16 to go into teaching.  I graduated from one of the best schools (Wesleyan Christian Academy) with one of the GREATEST group of people that I had a privilege of spending some 9 to 13 years of school with.  Some of them we were even in kindergarten together!  In any case those were some good times!  My parents and I helped get me through college/university.  It was so neat to me that I began at Central Wesleyan C…
I have always wanted to have a chance to share about my life.  I have been inspired as of lately by some of my good friends who are blogging.  Right now, right this minute, I am eating a hot dog - I am sure that you thought I was going to wax eloquently!  I will later - LOL!!  I am getting myself and 5 other children fed a little bit before church.  I just wanted to get something out there - I always talk about how I don't get anything done.  Well, my friends, I am getting something done right now.  I think my goal, besides talking about the Lord Jesus and what He has done, is doing and will do, is to encourage others.  

I am going to have to go, but I am leaving you with something that is on a perpetual calendar that my dear friend, Gaile Adams (side note, past away in 2004), "Memories, important yesterdays, were once todays.  Treasure and notice today."

Love and hugs to you, whoever you are and wherever you may be.  Be encouraged that you are not EVER alone!

Hugs and Bles…