I say it is my birthday!  Happy birthday to me :0)  I am 41 today - I remember when my mom turned 41.  As I am typing this, I am listening to the song, "Birthday," by the Beatles - which I didn't know they wrote and sang.  I learned something new on my birthday!  It is a fun rock 'n roll song.  I think it should be on a runner's/walker's list for sure.  What a great beat!  Happy Birthday Funny Dancing Cartoons - YouTube
  Yesterday, Seth, our littlest kiddo, turned 3.  So here we have me at 41 and Seth at 3.  We are both in a challenging time in our lives.  I am experiencing "Mommy Meltdowns" while he is having his "Toddler Meltdowns."  "What fun this must be for the rest of the family!" I can hear some of you say.  Well, it isn't.  I find myself apologizing and crying while I gather my wits back together again.  I was wondering about these and how I could work through them, helping both Seth and me.
  Why do we, and many others, have these?  What can we do about them? I perused (I like using big words!  It is fun, especially when I am using them correctly LOL!) - anyway, I perused the internet to see what opinions were out there.  One area I read that when toddlers meltdown, get them outside where they can work it off.  Also look at your day - is it too full? Has he had enough outside time?  Has he eaten?  Has he rested? Has he had too much stimulation?  All really good questions!  
  Another site suggested that we have our own meltdowns as adults because we are not taking care of ourselves.  Running on empty.  It hit me just now as I type that I can ask myself these same questions that I ask about the toddler.  I think when I have just gone and gone and gone, I crash and burn.  The solution is not an easy one.  Which makes me think of a verse in the Bible, John 16:33 that says that this was never going to be easy.  To quote it, "33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."  This verse spells it out for me - to have peace, I need to be in Christ.  I saw where the part read "I have spoken these things."  I wondered what things, so I went up above and read the entire chapter.  Reading this chapter, I understand that He was talking to the disciples about His crucifixion and leaving them.  He was also talking about the Holy Spirit coming to comfort and convict.  He encouraged them because even though He physically wasn't going to be there, the Holy Spirit was.  He also told them that one day they would see Him again.  The joy He gave us through His death was that connection back to God.  I understand the verse is speaking of the tribulation that they would endure, but I can't help but apply it to my life right now.  The sin that I commit are ones that people would not call "Big Ones."  I understand that, but I need to draw closer to Jesus.  I need to remember that in this world I will have tribulation, but He has overcome the world.
  I guess in my tired, worn-out, stressed-out mind, I don't get to stop.  Be still.  Be quiet and listen to the heart of God like I need to.  That would be a huge step in helping with the meltdowns - both mine and Seth's.  The key to all of this is SLEEP and getting up earlier.  As much as my inner "Night Owl" shudders at the thought, I am going to have to get to bed earlier so that I can have that quiet time that I need.  Having our time to pray, read the Bible and listen to God is vitally important.  I want to be different that I am now - I don't want to have meltdowns.  That is my prayer and my heart's desire.  
  And I am not sharing this so that people will feel sorry for me - not at all! I have a blessed life.  I have 5 sweet children.  I have a Christian husband who wants to spend time with his family - who I know loves me.  No, I write this because sometimes I think that I am the only one going through these hard times with a toddler or myself.  I am not.  I have talked with friends and people I bump into, and they share that they, too, are having challenges.  I just want others to know that we aren't alone in the Walk that we walk.  No matter how hard, how tired, or how alone we feel, we must know and understand that our peace lies not within ourselves or other people or our fleeting happiness.  Our true peace lies within knowing and walking with Jesus.  
  I have the gift of gab, and so I could go on, but I am going to stop for now.  I send you {{hugs}} wherever you are.  Having this "talk" has helped me so much today.  I leave you now with a song that I love.  It is stuck in my head today, and I am glad!  It is "You Shine" written by Brian Doerksen.  Be blessed!You Shine (Worship Video w/ Lyrics) HD - YouTube

Have such a great day!


  1. Keep on writing, you are doing ok. It is great that you can express your houghts

  2. As I was saying.....your writing is helping you put your thoughts where you can see them. You do it well and should bring you some satisfaction. One step at a time, one prayer at a time. See you at MNO. Bring on Christmas!


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