Neat Art Idea - Gift Idea, Too!


I was wanting to make something neat for Benson that I had seen on pinterest --

this neat handprint art project!

Well, we looked at the kids' handprints and my handprint and Benson's.  It was no problem with Benson's because his hand was bigger than everyone else's!  Now mine was a different story!

My oldest daughter's hand was bigger than mine. So I thought about another thing.  I could take all of our hands and put them on a 12x12 paper and make a wreath.

I let the family members pick out their paper and then traced their hand on the paper and cut it out.  I chose a neutral background for the wreath of hands.
I didn't know what to do next - I thought about using more scrapbooking paper. Then I remembered I had saved some Thomas Kinkade calendars.  I chose four calendar pages from the four seasons.  I taped them together on the back of the pages.  I flipped over the calendar and glued the wreath of hands onto the front (below) ~

So now that was done, I thought what was I going to put this on?  Then I remembered that we had gotten a new air conditioning unit for the window!  The box lid was about a 3 ft. x 3 ft. size! Perfect for my now larger picture!  

(below ~)

This project had really grown from a little 12"x12" to a giant 3'x3' size!

I was trying to think of a background for around the picture.  I thought about more paper, but then I got to thinking about our scrapbag we have for cleaning cloths. We had cut up denim to use for cleaning, and they made the perfect background!

So I took the scraps and glued them around the edges.  That was easy enough! (right ~)

The next step was to glue the giant picture on top of the denim border.


The last step was to take this and seal it with some mod podge.  I am so excited to have finished a project from start to finish!  I am notorious for beginning things and not finishing them -- I am like a lot of people where they see an idea on pinterest, pin it, and then not do it!  I am going to try to do a bit better with things - I can do it :)  What is it Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!"

Well, my friends, you can, too!  Look at things that you really want to do and make a plan to accomplish them.  My husband has said to me that we really make time to do the things that we REALLY want to do!  The Lord wants us while we are here to do things that we want to accomplish while in all of it bringing glory to Him :0)

I hope you enjoyed seeing something that I was able to get done with His help!  I am looking forward to having Benson hang it up -- I am NOT good at hanging things!  

I am leaving you with a song that makes me happy when I hear it.  It reminds me of what our homes should be filled with and what I wanted to depict with my art project for Benson.  The Love of Jesus and the Love in our family!!  Enjoy this song! :0)

Love, blessings and {{hugs}}!!!


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