We have eight more days to the Big Day -- it is the news and on everyone's lips.  Yet, that day, Christmas, is always in my heart.  I am what my mom calls a "Christmas Girl."  I LOVE that!  I have been one of those people who could have - and almost have - kept the Christmas Tree up all year -- my family as tradition would use an artificial tree.  One Christmas we got a REAL tree.  Our family cat had a fit.  She didn't know how tree got in the house!  Anyway, we loved it so much.  We didn't want to take it down, so it stayed up longer.  One of my good friends from school came over, and he said that it was February and time for the tree to come down!  I was sad, and I still am today, when we have to take the trees down.
  Even though the decorations come off our mantels, houses, doors, and throughout, we don't have to get rid of Christmas in our hearts.  The Lord came down in a moment - a most holy, wonderful moment.  He came so that we might live an eternal life after this one is over.  As the world gets so bad and immoral, the return of the King is just on the horizon.  That is why I want to keep Christmas in my heart - I want to be ready for when He returns.
  I think, when we have Jesus in our hearts, that automatically makes every day Christmas for us!!  It is our responsibility to share about that love, and the little and big things that He has done in our lives.  I have to admit that I used to be a little intimidated about sharing about the Lord. But since we have had Sully, I have to say that anymore I CAN"T help BUT to share about Him!  
  So as you finish up your shopping, family letters, Christmas cards, church programs, last minute baking, remember to stop and thank the Lord for sending Jesus all those years ago.  Take some time over the holiday to Christmas carol at some people's houses or better yet to the Nursing Homes and shut-ins - you will be blessed while you are blessing them.  And take time to have FUN!  Watch those fun movies that in the grand scheme of things are meant to have us come together and laugh and BE with one another.  
  Life is so busy, but if we will stop for just a minute, we will surely be blessed over the holiday!  I always like to end my thoughts with a song - "That's Why He Came."  I sang this with a wonderful chorus in high school, "Servant."  The words are so wonderful!


Dear friend, I wish you so much joy and blessings over this holiday season!!

Much love and {{hugs}},


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