Summer is Almost Over

  Summer of 2014 is almost over.  I ran across a list I had made of things I wanted to get done -- I wanted to get organized - ha ha!  Don't we all!  I wanted to exercise more -- does chasing Seth count?  I wanted to spend more time reading and scrapbooking - I did get to do those, and I had such fun!  I wanted to spend more time with the children doing fun things - since our car's transmission tore up, we had to be more creative.  I have to say that I think we had more fun and time together.  I wanted to spend more time outside.  Even though some days were hot, Seth and I were outside a lot!  I pushed him on the swing, watched him swing, watched him play in the dirt -- you know, that typical outside stuff!  I wanted to get Sully's exercises done - did that thanks to some help from Aunt Baretta!  We really accomplished a lot o
  On August 18th our summer time ended.  We officially started school.  We homeschool the girls. Siler attends a small church school that his Grandma and Poppa Kerr run.  Sully goes to a PIP program at a local public school.  Seth is at home.  I know this sounds a little crazy for so many to go different places, but it works for our family.  I taught school for 7 years and loved it!  I was always one of those kids that loved school.  When it was the week when the teachers went back, I was over there wanting to help.  I just loved it!  However, with this year it was a little different.  I was not looking forward to getting back into the "grind."
  I think the reasons behind it deal a lot with me having to give up time!  I know that sounds bad the way I put it.  I don't mean that teaching the children and caring for them is a time-waster!  I guess what I mean is that I have to implement school back in to our routine which was pretty much chores and playtime!  I am one of the homeschooling people who take summer off.  I just have to! I remember when Savannah was finishing 1st grade and was a little "behind."  Instead of us taking a break, we kept on through the summer.  By the time it was school season, she was burned out.  I told Benson that I was never going to school through the year without some type of break!
  Now that we are in it, I am having a good time - for the most part.  To be honest it is hard to homeschool with a toddler!  I know that he is learning in some ways, but when we get started, he wants to be right there in the middle of it.  I let him sit at the table and give him some "work" to do.  I think that the reason I was having such a hard time schooling with Seth was that he was wanting all the attention.  It is still hard with him, but I am not defeated with this!  I am looking for ways and ideas of teaching Sarah while he is with us.  Savannah is working independently now -- so I don't want to keep her from getting her work done.  She is really good at helping with him - reading him books, taking him outside, watching shows with him.  
  I know that summer time is over;  officially Monday is the last day.  Tuesday begins fall.  I LOVE fall and the hint of the holidays coming!  I am really looking forward to some coolness and some time of learning.  I am going to sit down sometime and write a list of things I would like to get done this school year - 
  1. Read more with the children
  2. Have devotion time with the children!
  3. Have Seth working on his work while we are getting ours done
  4. Have Savannah reading more and writing more
  5. Have Siler finish his homework before late in the evening
  6. Have Sully to school on time - this is a HUGE goal!
  7. Have Siler's first year scrapbook completed
  These are some things that I would love to see happen.  Fortunately, the Lord is with me every step of the way.  I am not alone in this journey.  That is one of the blessings as a Christian!  He is with me even if I don't get my list of things done.  He is right there encouraging me along the way. I know that my expectations of what I want to get completed may not always get done in the time and way that I want.  But that is okay!
  I have a song that I love that is called "He Will Carry You."  In thinking of things I have "To Do,"  I am encouraged that when I grow weary in it all, that He will carry me through it!  Hope you have a blessed day and enjoy this song!

{{hugs}} and blessings!


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