Sully and His First Steps Without Help (except his walker and PT and favorite toy!)

I AM EXCITED!!  I AM BLESSED!!  I have witnessed, again, answer to prayers!  If there was ever a doubt in your mind that there is a God that hears our prayers -- well, you need to talk to me :0)  

I won't write now about how our journey has been with Sully from the beginning - that would be a long entry, and I need to get packed for the beach!  However, I will say that the video that is attached to this just shows that the Lord has heard our prayers.  Sully was not a very active infant, so I didn't know what his outcome would be regarding walking or anything else for that matter. The Shriner's Hospital in our area and our PT, OT, and Speech therapists were and still are encouraging us that Sully may walk one day.  Well, this past Friday, September 5, 2014, was a day that I got to see him do just that - he did have a walker, encouragement from his therapists, and his two favorite toys.

Sullivan is such a  blessing to our family!  Please watch this and be blessed by this video :0)

{{hugs}} and blessings!


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