Praises and Prayer

    I just posted about how I appreciate the prayers from my friends.  I am huge believer that prayer changes things.  I believe that the Lord gives us His Word and prayer for communication with Him.  Sometimes we pray, and He is silent.  Other times it is like in your face what He wants you to do.  Then there are those "wait a little bit" times that can be more than frustrating.  I have been experiencing many neat things in my Christian walk when it comes to prayer.  This week I experienced a quick answer.
    This week held appointments for us.  Two children had dentist appointments, Sully an MRI, and then of course Friday, is our typical therapy day.  Whenever we had Sully get an MRI, he was intubated.  That is when you have a tube put into your windpipe to help you in the case you stopped breathing or had breathing problems.  We had always thought that was unnecessary, but we would let them anyway.  The experience always meant a night or two at the hospital while the swelling in Sully's throat went down.  It also meant that we had to start over with him and eating!  It would always be a huge frustration!  Sully is at a point now where he is stronger.  He is sturdier than he ever was - than I thought he would be.  
    We had to take him for an MRI yesterday.  I mentioned how glad I was that he wasn't having to be intubated.  That comment made the nurse and an assistant nervous.  Then it made me nervous!  I wasn't prepared for a hospital stay, but more importantly, Sully would have to endure that intubating thing!  I breathed a quick prayer.  Please, Lord, please don't let him have to be intubated.  The attending physician came out and talked to me.  He asked a few questions and mentioned that he had spoken with our neurologist.  He said he felt good about Sully having the regular sedation!!  Now that is a quick answer to prayer!  Sully had a great iv tech who got his vein the first try!!  The medicine worked quickly.  I got to stay in there with him.  He finished up his test, woke up, drank a little apple juice, some pediasure, and then we went home.
    I know that some of you read this, and I am so glad.  It is fun to know that you have taken time out of your day to read some of my thoughts and experiences.  The thing that I have been learning with my path that I am on right now is not only to trust but to also pray.  We can't pray enough!!  The Lord wants to talk with us.  He wants to speak to our hearts - to our situation that we are in this very minute.  I don't know all that you are facing, dear friend, but I know that the Lord hears our prayers.  I also know that He even answers them in the way that we want, and then sometimes He answers in the way that He knows is best!  This week for me was a quick answer to prayer!  It isn't always like that, but I am surely glad it was this time!
    I love this song, "He is Able."  I love to sing it and hear it!  As I typed this entry, it made me think of this song!  It has ministered to my heart in times where I didn't think I could go on!  Take a second to listen and let it minister to you!  

Love and blessings and {{hugs}} to you!

Heritage Singers / "He Is Able" (Live From Prague) - YouTube


  1. So glad to hear about Sully's appointment! God is good and He answers prayers! Praise Him that yours was answered so quickly! I can't wait to give Sully a big hug when school starts!


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