Image result for pictures of the cross  Today is a day of both sadness and joy in the lives of Christians everywhere.  Good Friday is the day when Jesus was beaten, bruised, rejected, torn, and ultimately hung on a cross to suffer, bleed, and die.  The ones who did not love Him, more or less hated Him, were glad to see this day come.  His mother, family and friends sobbed uncontrollably that day, I am sure!  They watched as their innocent Loved One was beyond cruelly treated.
  Why did this have to happen? Jesus came into this world with one task, and one task only -- to ultimately die on the cross to bridge that gap that separated us from God.  It was a horrible death - just horrible.  I have heard pastors over the years described the things were taking place in His body as he was dying on that cross.  It tears my heart to know that while He was on that tree for you and for me that He saw me.  He saw me in my angry state, my pitiful condition - my times when I wallow in that.  He saw me when I was at my lowest.  The good, the bad, the ugly!  He saw me when I was going to make choices that He knew, that I knew, were wrong.  He saw me and He loved me and He saved me.
  Now this saving me doesn't make me perfect.  But do you know that every time - and I mean EVERYTIME that I do something wrong, I am pricked in my heart, in my conscience.  It says to me, "Hey, girl, you better get that straightened out!"  Then when I am in a sad state - the crying and asking of forgiveness, I feel it.  I feel that LOVE, that FORGIVENESS.  I sometimes can almost feel those loving arms wrapping around me.  In those times I KNOW that I am loved, saved, and sealed.
  I don't get myself where I stay sad at the cross.  For the cross had to happen so that the empty grave could occur.  You see, Jesus was so powerful - is so powerful - that He can conquer anything!
Image result for pictures of the empty tomb
He did it!  He conquered death and the grave and our sin and Satan!  All we have to do is accept that and then live out our days so that people can see that there is something different about us.

  As you celebrate Easter Sunday, celebrate the cross but live in the empty grave!  He Lives!!  He is here and waiting for those who haven't asked Him to come into their hearts.  I love Jesus and I am so thankful for His salvation gift!!  Here is a song  to end this post.  Enjoy it and remember that He loves you so very much :0)  

Blessings, {{Hugs}} and LOVE Always!


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