Love Love Love!

  Well, another Valentine's Day is approaching.  Some people see it as a conspiracy of the candy, card, flower industries.  I never have looked into what the history is behind this special day.  All I know is that from the moment I realized that I got candy and cards, I LOVED that day.
  I just read a little on the subject.  The pagan side of it is just gross - I definitely don't like the information there!  The saint side of it is interesting.  There were two thoughts on this - one that the person was trying to free Christians.  This story also mentioned that the Saint Valentine may have fallen in love with one of the people he rescued.  The second story was one where the Saint helped people get married even though Emperor Claudius II said that young men were not to marry - made it a law!  Very interesting!
  I didn't know about the ideas behind Valentine's Day.  My thoughts on it are ones of love toward my family and friends.  I can see how some who are in the Catholic Church and have deep feelings toward the tradition can be very involved with this holiday.  My personal feelings about the pagan side is, well, it is just unnecessary!  And as usual, the American culture of "Let's Blow Everything Out Of Proportion" has its place.
  I must admit that I love getting and giving something from and to my sweetheart and children on this day.  It is sweet to be remembered -- LOVE that song!  I have to be careful, though, and not let my expectations get out of control.  I have enjoyed the handmade cards, little box of chocolates, and maybe a little rose.
  My husband works very hard.  He loves me, and I know this full well. Benson is so good to us, and I know that we are blessed.  I am thankful for my husband, my best friend.  He knows my good side and my bad side. He encourages me to be my best - sometimes that is hard to hear when we aren't being our best!  I know that the Lord made him just for me.  I look forward to our coffee time in the morning and our tea time in the evening.  One of my favorite things that he does for me - holds my hand in church.  Ok, and another is that he holds me tightly when I am falling apart.
  Some of my friends have not found their bookend.  These holidays are hard for them.  I have been there and remember the sad feeling in my heart.  I pray for them and ask the Lord to help them while they wait.  I pray for them that the Lord will prepare and send them the right helpmeet for their life!
  Having a sweetheart during this time of year is fun, oh yes!  But, I am SO glad that I have my First Love -- Jesus.  He is my friend, my faithful minister.  I have been through many things with Him.  I am thankful that I have this perfect love from Him - Thank the Lord that Benson is likeminded and we can serve Jesus together.
  This Valentine's Day as you buy gifts for your loved ones as well as receive, please think about our Love from Jesus - thank Him extra for what He did for us.  Such Love, Such Wondrous Love!  Such Love!  Such Wondrous Love!  That God would love a sinner such as I!  How wonderful is love like this!!

  While I would love to end with this precious hymn, I love this song "'Tis Sweet to be Remembered."  Flatt & Scruggs, 'Tis Sweet to Be Remembered - YouTube
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! and may you feel loved!

Blessings, Love, and {{Hugs}},


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